I see clients through the professional clinic at Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, in Montpelier, Vermont. Currently, however, I am not accepting new clients. Consultations and herbs are available on an income-based sliding scale, and gifts of no-cost services are always available. More information about my practice philosophy and what to expect during a consultation can be found here.

I see clients five days a week during regular business hours. You can schedule an appointment or request a refill on herbal formulas through the office at 802.224.7100 or via email.

I look forward to meeting with you!

Echinacea purpurea, or purple coneflower

Echinacea purpurea, or purple coneflower ~ excellent immune stimulant, wound healer, lymphatic remedy

rosa rugosa

Rosa rugosa, ripe for jam, Cornwall, UK ~  anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamin C

calendula is captured sunshine ~ powerful wound healer, petals are great in salads or cooked in rice like saffron

geranium, Mormon Lake, AZ ~ all species make excellent tissue tonics, drying and astringing as needed













Client Feedback:

“I just want to say that my meeting with you was the single most comfortable and caring health ‘care’ appointment of my life!  Thank you!” AA, Burlington


“The tea that you gave me along with the tincture, have been really life changing for me… After the first month of taking the herbs and tincture, I felt a level of energy that I don’t know if I have ever had. I also felt really consistently happy. My stools hardened up and started to become more consistent, and I was having an easier time feeling hungry and putting [food] down without the heavy uncomfortable feelings of poor digestion.

I have likened it to a pot hole in the road, before I had this tea I would be hitting pot holes all day every day, but they were so deep sometimes I would just get flat out stuck… With the tea I felt like someone came and graded the road, I started waiting for the next pothole, but day after day went by and no pot holes came about!” ~ RR, Montpelier