GreenFire Photography: Intimate Plant Portraits for Art, Education and Inspiration

Herbal Medicine ~ Ethnobotany ~ Horticulture


  Featuring medicinal plants from North America, Hawai’i, Mexico and England

Many more photos to be loaded in the coming months ~ I have thousands to share, so check back often!


For me, playing with the plants through intimate portraiture is a respite and a meditation, a way to step away from technology and the ever-accelerating pace of life. So, while all photos are in digital format, they have not been retouched, and rarely cropped, in any way. All composition is done in the field and I use only natural light in an attempt to capture the real and true nature of the plants, despite the virtual format.

The images found in the galleries here (click on a photo to open) represent the best of my current work and what I have available for sale as greeting cards and matted, framed or canvas prints of various sizes.  I have many hundreds more, so if there are plants you are particularly interested in, but don’t see represented, please get in touch to see if I might have an image or two.

I also license images for use in films, web design and print and donate my images for use by resonant causes, such as those below.


I hope my images inspire and excite you to explore and love the earth, our home.


Images in action:

Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism ~ the non-profit school and clinic that I co-direct

Numen: The Healing Power of Plants ~ website for a documentary film exploring the essential human-plant relationship

Herbal Aide ~ a documentary film which used photo stills to augment interviews of herbalists building and serving community through their work (I make an appearance, too!)

Image for liner notes of Kris Gruen’s excellent album, Part of It All