Guest Teaching

I’m always delighted to consider invitations to speak at new venues. Please get in touch if you think I’d be a good match for your program or event.

Through VCIH, I co-developed and, with two other faculty, deliver over 1300 hours of curriculum on every subject related to the practice of herbalism, from pathophysiology to pulse assessment, materia medica to medicine-making, and clinical intake to seed-saving. As faculty at Goddard, I’ve supported students in pursuing a wide range of studies, including topics such as food sustainability, access and politics; queer activism for reproductive justice; and integrative models for supporting veterans of war and those recovering from addiction.

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening in the classroom and in the garden. You are an amazing and inspiring teacher! I feel honored to have been on the listening end of the intimate dialogue between you and your flowery friends. ~KB, 2012

Subjects I am especially excited to teach:

solidago harvest

goldenrod harvest with garden apprentices

  • Stress, Adrenal Fatigue and Endocrine Dysfunction
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections, especially herpes and HPV ~ taught from a sex-positive, queer-friendly perspective
  • Five Element/Phase Theory and its relevance to Western herbal practice
  • Clinical/Practitioner Skills, The Art of Intake, Rapport Development, Boundaries and Healing Presence
  • Teaching from Transformative and Socially Just Paradigms
  • Growing Chinese Herbs in the US, especially New England
  • Herb-Drug Safety: Understanding Liver Metabolism and Xenobiotics
  • Business Development and Finding Right Livelihood as Herbalists

It was like being in herbal church. ~MB, 2012

A few of my on-going and past teaching engagements:

  • I teach annually at the School of Traditional Western Herbalism in Portland, Oregon, sharing an intensive weekend with each of their beginning and advanced clinical classes.
  • I also teach each year in the advanced program for Farmacy Herbs in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • I have taught advanced weekend intensives for The Boston School of Herbal Studies in Somerville, Massachussetts, as well as appearing as a guest teacher in Third Root Community Health Center‘s Herbal Education program in Brooklyn, New York.
  • I have been a regular guest lecturer in the graduate nursing program at the University of Vermont. I speak on integrating herbal medicine into primary nursing care via two courses, Pharmacology and Advanced Neuropsychopharmacology.
  • I had the honor of assistant teaching an ethnobotany travel study intensive in Hawai’i with Kathleen Harrison of Botanical Dimensions, sponsored by Goddard College.

“Larken Bunce is a brilliant and dynamic teacher who is able to communicate complex material in a clear and compelling way.  She is an innovative thinker who has developed her own perspectives on how to promote healing through a unique synthesis of Western herbalism and the Five Element (Phases) approach in Chinese medicine. Our students and teachers were inspired by her combination of theory and practical down-to-earth advice.” ~ Madelon Hope, Director,  Boston School of Herbal Studies, 2013


“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful class last weekend at the School of Traditional Western Herbalism.  I learned so much!  Chemistry really is a new language for me, but by the end of the weekend it was all making sense.  You’re a great teacher! I appreciated your thorough, well versed and animated teaching style! Again, thank you for sharing your amazing body of knowledge with us!” ~ Shaina Traisman, STWH student, 2013